Demand Change!

75% of Women in Prostitution entered it as Children
70% of Women in Prostitution have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
90% of Women in Prostitution want to get out, but can’t

Think Prostitution is ‘a free choice’, ‘a right’, ’empowering’ and ‘harmless fun’?

Think again:

Demand Change! was set up in 2010 to push for legislation to tackle the demand for prostitution.

Within 6 months it had successfully lobbied for a new law to make it a criminal offence to ‘buy sexual services from anyone coerced or exploited in prostitution’. Since then 100s of ‘Johns’ have been prosecuted for their use of women in the sex trade.

This site is a tribute to the work done then and to the ongoing work by others to recognise and ultimately end the sex trade because of the incredible harms associated with prostitution, truly ‘the Oldest Oppression’.

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Demand Change! was a joint campaign by pressure group, OBJECT, and service provider, EAVES. Read about it’s final victory here
Find out more about the ongoing fight by lobbying organisations like End Demand or Space International, representing survivors of the sex trade.